With our specialized food program, everything will be done for you – the shopping, the cooking, and the portioning. Diet is 80% (that’s EIGHTY PERCENT!) of the reason that we look the way we look. What you put into your body is what you (and everyone else) sees. That is why eating the right things, in the right amounts, is so important! TRUE FIT FUEL is non-processed, clean, balanced food.

How It Works

Choose how many meals you want per day, and how many days worth you want. Check off anything on our ingredient list you prefer not to have in your meals (we don't do set menus because the sky is the limit!). You pick up, or we deliver, once a week for your week's supply of food. Then all you have to do is reheat and eat! Read more

Highest Quality of Ingredients

  • Lean Proteins
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Non-Processed Carbohydrates
  • Healthy Fats
  • Low-Glycemic Index Fruits

Clean, balanced, non-processed meals.

With prices starting at $18/day!

*All orders have to be in by Sunday

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