Add Ons

*Add-on items are not automatically reoccurring and must be checked out separately. We will package them with your order.

A high protein and low calorie spread that is great for the sweet tooth and totally TRUE FIT FUEL approved! It's great straight out of the jar or microwaved to make a 30-second brownie!

G Butter Brownie Batter

$13.50 each

G Butter Cookie Dough

$13.50 each

G Butter Birthday Cake

$13.50 each

G Butter Sugar Cookie

$13.50 each

Delicious treats for snacks or on-the-go that have 22g OF PROTEIN packed into them! Gluten-free, LOW CARB, and of course TRUE FIT FUEL approved.

Blondie Brownie

Blondie Brownie - $3.50

3 Blondie Brownies

3 Blondie Brownies - $9.00

Protein Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake - $3.50

3 Birthday Cakes

3 Birthday Cakes - $9.00

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie - $3.50

3 Chocolate Brownies

3 Chocolate Brownies - $9.00


True Fit Fuel Cooler Bag

Do you love our cooler bags? Buy one for your personal use! $10 each.