How It Works

Choose how many meals per day you want, and how many days worth you want. Check off anything on our ingredient list you prefer not to have in your meals (we don't do set menus because the sky is the limit!). You pick up, or we deliver, once a week for your week's supply of food. Then all you have to do is reheat and eat!

We use ingredients like coconut oil which boosts metabolism, helps in reducing belly fat and increases cognitive function. The majority of our fruits are low on the glycemic index which does not spike the blood sugar but help to keep it stabilized. We do not neglect any of the food groups, but rather focus on the right portions in the right combinations, using high amounts of protein to support lean muscle.

Standard portion sizes for each meal are 6oz of protein (approx. 40g) and 4oz of carbohydrate (approx. 30g).

Breakfast = a protein and a carb
Lunch = a protein, a carb and a vegetable
​Dinner = a protein and double vegetable​​

*Orders have to be in by Sunday. Minimum order is ten meals per week.

You can also customize your order so it fits a special diet! We can do anything from show-prep diets to diabetic diets and gluten-free!

Prices start at $18 a day for two meals a day and go up to $35 a day for five meals a day.

*All orders have to be in by Sunday

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For custom diets please call or emails us!


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